We know Minnesota is the best state in the Midwest - and we can prove it. Check out the 10 reasons why everyone should move to Minnesota!

Everyone wants to find a place where they can settle down, grow some roots, and enjoy their surroundings for years to come. Whether you're a summer person, or a winter snow person, Minnesota has many reasons as to why you should live your life here. Check out the TOP 10 reasons why everyone should call Minnesota their home.

  1. Affordability - There are multiple ways for people to enjoy living, working and playing in Minnesota. And, all with a budget! Definitely one of the top reasons why Minnesota is an amazing place to live.
  2. The People - Everyone can agree that Minnesotan's have a "niceness" to them. That's because Minnesotans are TRULY the nicest people in the nation. Imagine actually liking your next door neighbor!
  3. The Lakes - The lakes in Minnesota are absolutely beautiful. Not to mention very fun playgrounds! Fishing, swimming, ice fishing - you name it. And we've got over 10,000 of them!
  4. The Fairs - Minnesotans have a lot to look forward to in the summertime. We've always got something going on over the weekend - whether it be the Great Minnesota Get Together, backyard BBQ's, music festivals, we've got it covered.
  5. The Music - People all over the world have been touched by the amazing music that comes out of Minnesota. I mean, just look at Prince! But in all honesty, Minnesota is a hot spot for some spectacular music - just ask anybody.
  6. Clean Streets - Minnesota prides itself on being a very clean state. Our Twin Cities have remarkably clean streets and parks for our kids to grow up in. Just another reason why everyone should grow some roots here!
  7. Small Towns - Not every state has spectacular small towns. But here in Minnesota, we cherish our small towns and local farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of our nations economy! (Speaking of the economy..)
  8. The Economy - Minnesota's economy has amazing progress! "CNBC voted Minnesota America’s 2015 Top State for Business and the 2015 Gallup polls ranked Minnesota #1 for job creation." - Stephanie Inman, livability.com
  9. The Food - Everyone in Minnesota can agree that we have a fine selection of food and drinks. You can get anything under the sun here, but we recommend our Momma's hot dish!
  10. The Fun - Minnesotans have a blast year round. We hike, travel, swim, ski, snowboard, sled, ice skate, fish, hunt - you name it. We enjoy our four seasons, and take advantage of every activity that comes with them.

We could go on and on about the reasons why everyone should move to Minnesota. There are countless good things we can say about our amazing home state! People should seriously consider moving to the best state in the nation - we'll welcome you with open arms!

SOURCE: livibility.com