Most of the 70's were a little rough on Chrissie Hynde. Much of her time was spent trying to either form or permanently join a band. But the demo tape paved the way to the future.Chrissie finally got that demo tape to perfection, headed to a record label owner who had the backing that enabled her to form 'The Pretenders'.

Just the strength of the self-titled 1979 debut album alone blew open the doors to rock's new wave movement through the 80's. And that helped because of the internal issues and the many personnel changes that took place.

Their first album was self-titled, 'Pretenders' and their style of music fit well as alternative rock, new wave and punk. Chrissie specialized as a singer and guitarist, their best known song was titled, "Back On The Chain Gang."

The Pretenders had nine studio albums, two 'Live' albums and one EP.

One distinction of Chrissie is that she been a member of 'The Pretenders' since they formed in 1978. Other pursuits of hers include an animal rights activist and restauranteur.

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Here's Chrissie Hynde and 'The Pretenders' performing, "Back On The Chain Gang" 'Live' in London.