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Admit it, we all get a little goofy on Friday The 13th. For some, it's one of those days you stay inside and shut the shades. For some, we tempt fate by scoffing. But here are 13 things that you probably didn't know about this super-superstitious day.

  • 1

    The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, whereas the term triskaidekaphobia refers to a general fear of number thirteen.

  • 2

    Black Sabbath’s debut album was released on Friday the 13th of February, 1970.

  • 3

    In many countries where the number 13 is considered unlucky, 13 is often replaced with 12A, 12B, or 14.

  • 4

    On Friday October 13th, 1972, Uruguyan Air Force Flight 571 crashed into the Andes. Out of the 45 passengers on the flight, only sixteen people survived. The survivors had to resort to cannibalism in order to stay alive for the two months they waited to be rescued.

  • 5

    Many hotels and hospitals have no room number 13, many buildings do not have a 13th floor, many airplanes do not have a 13th row, and many ships will not start a voyage on the 13th, particularly, Friday the 13th.

  • 6

    According to an article in National Geographic News, it has been suggested that $800 to $900 million are lost each Friday the 13th as a result of people avoiding travel, parties, or business transactions.

  • 7

    On Nov. 13, 1970,  a huge South Asian storm killed an estimated 300,000 people in Bangladesh, and created floods that killed as many as 1 million in the Ganges delta.

  • 8

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt apparently suffered from triskaidekaphobia.  He refused to travel on the 13th day of any month and would not host a dinner party with 13 guests.

  • 9

    According to a law on the books, in French Lick Springs, Indiana, all black cats must wear bells on Friday the 13th.

  • 10

    An engineering train on the Northern Line of the London Underground became uncoupled and went on a 13-minute journey southbound from Archway station, finally stopping at Warren Street tube station on the West End branch of the line on August 13, 2010.

  • 11

    The 13th installment of the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket was released on Friday the 13th of October in 2006

  • 12

    Tattoo parlors around the country offer specials for those who chose to commemorate the day permanently, traditionally offering tats of the number 13 for only $13. According Tattoo Artist Magazine , Dallas tattoo artist Oliver Peck started the tradition.

  • 14

    And finally, the most sinister Friday The 13th event of them all:

    The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were born on Friday June 13, 1986.