Kiss was a major influence on Rock & Metal and still are.  They're earlier material was more "rock n' roll" but by 1982 Peter Criss had been replaced on drums by Eric Carr, who had a much more powerful approach.  "Creatures Of The Night" was more in line with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Bands than their previous work.  Even though the band was about to go through a major transition by taking off the makeup, "Creatures" was a fresh new sound for the band that had been reeling a bit after a couple of commercially disappointing releases in "Unmasked" and "The Elder".

Kiss has not just influenced Rock and Metal, but even Country and more Alternative bands as well.  Here's Norway's "Turbonegro" who don't really fit under any one genre, they site Kiss as influence, and you can hear a lot of Kiss's attitude and style.