Mistakes happen and the proof is in the pudding in this case as teen finds $31,000 in his bank account but not so fast there mister.

The Morning Sideshow learned that a bank customer deposited $31,000 in his bank account, at least he thought so, however; the bank teller made a huge mistake and put the deposit in someone else's account.

A week later the customer was checking on the status of his account and noticed that the $31,000 wasn't there so like anyone else he called to find out where his money was.

After that red flag was raised they did some investigating and found that the money was an 18 year old's account and that he had already been spending it within a weeks time.

First he withdrew $20,000 cash, let me guess to buy something frivolous, he then spent $5,000 using his ATM card.

The bank is now asking for the money back.

The teen simply thought it was from his grandmother's estate. Wouldn't you ask someone if that amount all of a sudden showed up in your account. Common sense dictates that.

I'm thinking finders keepers is out of the question.

The bank is threatening to prosecute if the money is not returned. No word on the teller who mistakenly put the money in the wrong account.

Have you ever come into a crazy amount of money out the blue and did you spend it?