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'Living in the Material World' was the anxiously awaited album following George's 1971 release 'The Concert For Bangladesh.'

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Once released 'Living in the Material World' George's third solo album hit the top of the popularity pole right away as it went Gold just days after being released.

Fans fell in love with it, but critics thought differently, Stephen Holden (Rolling Stone stated, "it's a profoundly seductive record", the NME review said, "it's so damn holy I could scream."

This would be George's second #1 at the same time it would be his last #1 record.

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Original LP Track List:

  1. "Give Me Love (Give me Peace on Earth)"
  2. "Sue Me, Sue You Blues"
  3. "The Light That Has Lighted My World"
  4. "Don't Let Me Wait Too long"
  5. "Who Can See it"
  6. "Living in the Material World"

Side 2

  1. "The Lord Love The One (That Loves the Lord)"
  2. "Be Here Now"
  3. "Try Some, Buy Some"
  4. The Day The World gets 'Round"
  5. "That Is All"

Released in the U.S. May 30, 1973 and charted at #1, released in U.K. June 22nd, 1973 and charted at #2.

George Harrison passed away November 29, 2001. R.I.P. George we miss you!

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great landmark classic rock releases.

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George Harrison performs " Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)":