Little Feat 1973, YouTube

In 1973 the third album for Little Feat 'Dixie Chicken' would be the one affiliation for the band for the next 40 years and more as the years go on.

'Dixie Chicken' LP, YouTube

Every artist whether it be a painter, actor or in this case music always have a piece of work that becomes a staple that ties to their particular craft. Little Feat no different with their title track, "Dixie Chicken."

Little Feat adopted the New Orleans funk style and introduced it to us with the album 'Dixie Chicken'.

In a 1975 interview with Rolling Stone, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) stated that Little Feat "was his favorite American Band."

Little Feat 2013, YouTube

A lot of artists and their music inspire a lot of future performers as did the album name, 'Dixie Chicken' as down the road we learned of the Dixie Chicks.

Original LP Track List:

  1. "Dixie Chicken"
  2. "Two trains"
  3. "Roll Um Easy"
  4. "On Your Way Down"
  5. "Kiss It Off"

Side 2

  1. "Fool Yourself"
  2. Walkin' Al Night"
  3. "Fat in the Bathtub"
  4. "Juliette"
  5. "Lafayette Railroad"

Released in the U.S. in February 1973.

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great landmark classic rock releases.

Little Feat performing live, "Dixie Chicken":