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One unique item in regards to the album 'Montrose' is that it was not only a debut album for Montrose but also a debut for Sam Hagar ( as known back then).

'Montrose' LP, Wikipedia

As we eventually found out Sammy went on to have a huge solo career and also served up some lead vocals for Van Halen.

The album 'Montrose' got limited radio airplay but is still to this day a collected masterpiece for the classic rock fan. Most of the songs were written by both Hagar and Ronnie Montrose (founder/guitar).




Original LP Track List:

  1. "Rock The nation"
  2. "Bad Motor Scooter"
  3. "Space Station #5"
  4. "I Don't Want It"

Side 2:

  1. "Good Rockin' Tonight"
  2. "Rock Candy"
  3. "One Thing on My Mind"
  4. "Make It Last"

Released in both U.S. and U.K. October 17th, 1973, charted at #133 in U.S. and #43 in U.K.

Ronnie Montrose passed away March 3rd, 2012.

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great landmark classic rock releases.

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Montrose (w/Sam Hagar) performing, "Bad Motor Scooter":