If you're under 40 you know all about these horrific things. Supposedly they're candy. NOT LIKELY. They're just lips molded out of wax with a little flavoring thrown in- (see #5 Halloween Treat We Hate). Apparently, the original manufacturer American Candy Company (that's not a shady name now is it?) designed these putrid kissables to be chewed up and enjoyed after using them. If you've ever done that, you know they are amazingly, amazingly WRONG.

They suck. They just downright suck.

The only reason you should ever get these are for the comedy value, and let me tell you, the comedy value is about a 1, unless you're planning on going as a Real Housewife of NYC (Or Atlanta or, well you get the idea.) Or, as in the case of the photo above, you're trying to make a cute dog photo go viral.

But they are nowhere near as bad as: