Incredible String Band, YouTube

A folk band from Scotland during the psychedelic era, started out as a trio before adding another member.The Incredible String Band  members included Clive Palmer, Robin Williamson, Rose Simpson and Licorice McKechnie, they formed in 1966 and disbanded in 1974, then reformed in 1999 through 2006).

The band has a massive 47 album catalog in which two of them were released in 2008.

Members Robin Williamson and Clive Palmer went on to pursue solo careers.

Robin went on to publish a novel, a book on Celtic history and several books of poetry.

Clive Palmer has been here and there and off and on in the industry, also did a second stint when they reformed in 1999.

Both Simpson and McKechnie dropped out of the music scene after 1974 when they disbanded for the first time.

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Incredible String band live at Woodstock, "When You Find Out Who You Are":