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If one band didn't need the boost for their career that Woodstock help provide it was Sly and The Family Stone.

Sly Stone, credit Chris Hakkens Wikipedia

The band had released their forth album prior to Woodstock and their single "Everyday People" cracked the charts as their first hit.

Many said they gave one of the best 'live' performances at Woodstock compared to the others. After Woodstock, they seemed to decline in popularity due in part to Sly's drug problems.

The band called it quits in 1975, Sly did a few solo albums but nothing really materialized out of that effort.

Freddie Stone (Sly's brother) did do some writing and producing music, however: today is a minister.

Sly's sister Rosie found work as a session singer and did a solo album.

Sly's sister Vet fronts the tribute band, Family Stone.

Sly released an album in 2011, which was newer versions of the groups classics titled, 'I'm Back - Friends & Family'.

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Sly and The Family Stone performing at Woodstock ('69), "Dance to the Music":