It's never too early to plan that Great Summer Road Trip, or even a few places to visit when the weather thaws out in August. Here are some of the more "unusual" destinations in The Greatest State Ever.

  1. Blue Mounds State Park - Visit here especially on the Spring and Fall equinoxes. Why? There's a line of rocks that line up perfectly with the sun on those days.
  2. Iona's Beach - The noise made by the water of Lake Superior splashing into the shore has been described as "musical".
  3. Devil's Kettle - The waterfall located in the Judge C.R. Magney State Park features a mysterious pothole that leads to...well, nobody can figure it out. The location has been featured in the box office bomb, Jennifer's Body. Make sure you're in decent shape for this one; the hike to the Devil's Kettle is not for the lethargic.
  4. Runestone County Park - Named after the Kensington Runestone - which may or may not be authentic - Runestone County Park features paved surfaces of all roads to and inside the Park.
  5. Old Hibbing - You can actually explore what remains of the town's pre-1920s foundation.
  6. Wabasha Street Caves - A former speakeasy, the St Paul landmark is carved out of the sandstone shore along the Mississippi River...and rumored to be haunted!
  7. Grand Mound - The largest prehistoric structure remaining in the Upper Midwest, the burial mound dates back to 200 BC. It's closed to the public right now, but should be reopening in the next few years.

H/T: Only In Your State