If you're not familiar with Alvin Lee, maybe a mere mention of the group Ten Years After will ring a bell, Alvin's legacy is probably most noted as the voice and face of TYA.

At the age of 68 Alvin passed away from complications of what was quoted as "a routine surgical procedure" in March.

Alvin would leave the band in 1974 to, in his words;"make music of my own choice without worrying about what other people thought or expected."

Alvin definitely left his mark with Ten Years After, Brian May (Queen) said Alvin was "a legendary and influential guitarist and very nice bloke. His speed and dexterity, in the days when I would go as a student to the Marquee Club to see Ten Years After, was scary and exciting. He was daring enough to play and sing close to his limit every time."

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Alvin Lee with Ten Years After (Woodstock) "I'm Going Home":