When dating, be very careful what you say to a woman as there is lingo etiquette, there are things you should NEVER say.

There are probably a lot of "No's No's" in the way of phrases that are complete off limits, especially if your goal is to keep dating:

  1. "Are you really going to eat all that?" - You might as well tell her she's fat.
  2. "Who's your friend?" - That might imply her friend is hotter than she is, so you could be treading on thin ice with that question.
  3. "You're crazy." - At least get through the initial dating process before saying that, once the relationship (should you reach that) kicks in you're a little safer. That phrase is considered poisonous.
  4. "Can I kiss you?" - Confidence is sexy, so don't ask just do it! It is polite though.
  5. "But the game is on." - saying "the game" can be contagious and it comes off as an excuse to get out of whatever, plus very annoying if used on a regular basis, most women get the men and sports thing.
  6. "Are you ready yet?" - She wants to look good for you so give her time, don't push it.

Attached is a video with a few more, it may or may not come in handy: