Of all inventions, this is a great one, a fridge that tells you you're out of beer, as well as other items too (not just beer).

LG is a genius and by that I mean they have introduced to us the new ThinkQ line that is apparently full of sensors and these babies are designed to tell us down to a tee what's in the fridge.

Essentially how it works is that when you remove an item, like beer, eggs, etc... it reminds you to pick up some more on the way home. You have to log in by scanning the phones NFC chip with the fridge's reader. Sounds complex but a beer that tells me I'm out of beer, I'm game.

Ingenious, I'd say, just a guess here but you can probably look to spend at least $3000.00 on this fridge.

The attached video will give you a basic idea of how this works to manage your items in the fridge, did I say beer?