Those AARP cards aren't just good for 20% off your early-bird dinner anymore. They're also good for free music as the AARP launches into the digital music age. If you're afraid of iTunes, this may be the service for you. 

The New York Times is reporting that AARP is launching Internet radio. It's a free service if you're afraid of digital music or aren't sure how to use those confounded iPod thingies.

Their new digital music player boasts 18 stations so everyone can listen to whatever music fits their taste and there are even simple instructions on how to use the player and how to switch between stations.

Really? Instructions? How's this for instructions?

How to Listen The Loon:

1. Tune to 103.7 FM

2. Crank volume to 11.

3. Rip off the knob.

Or you can simply click here to listen to 103.7 The Loon right now.