The members of AC/DC have made me feel like I've watching an ongoing game of ping-pong the last couple of months. They can't seem to make a decision about whether or not they will be getting back in the studio, but the most recent news makes it seems like the game is almost over.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson recently said that in a few weeks he will be meeting up with fellow band mates Angus and Malcolm Young in London. The topic of said meeting will be there next album according to Johnson. So that should be it then right? He didn't say they were discussing whether or not there was going to be a next album, he said 'discuss the next album'.

I like it! Johnson also made a comment about touring, saying if they do in fact hit the road it could be the last time before he retires, considering he turn 65 in October.

The last time we heard anything new from AC/DC was 'Black Ice' in 2008, which was followed by a two year tour. So it's about time we get something new!