I was going to stay out of this. I've never watched the show and I don't care to. It seemed much too contrived and staged for me, as are (SPOILER ALERT) most reality shows. But something happened.

Jeff On The Radio

Yesterday, I read a co-worker's article on his radio station's website. His name is Jeff and he works on the radio, doing exactly what I do, for the exact same giant media corporation I work for. I have spent a week in Jamaica with Jeff. In fact, he's the one that made it possible for me to go. He is one of the best people I know and he left an indelible mark on me, both professionally and spiritually in just ONE WEEK. THAT's a special kind of individual.  His article is a call of support for Phil Robertson. I am proud to be Jeff's co-worker. Jeff's the kind of guy who likes guns, girls and America. He's watched the show. He knows about it. Hell, it's filmed in his neck of the woods (he's in Texarkana, TX).

In his article, he expressed tempered outrage at the situation. Jeff was eloquent. Jeff was down-home. Jeff made sense, so I take his words as golden. His article kept me on the fence about the situation. I even shared his article with my FB Friends, because it was so well written, so filled with insight and affection for this Phil, who I hardly know. If you don't know about Phil and the Duck Dynasty show family, you need to read Jeff's article. It will enlighten you, without hyperbole and spin. Seriously. Read it before you go any further.

#PhilRobertson on FB

Now that you're back; No doubt you've been barraged with Phil pictures and articles in your Facebook feeds, your Twitters, your office chit-chat. Most of what I've seen has been anti-Phil. But, that's because most of my FB friends are bleeding-heart liberal tree-huggers or, like me, simply don't give a rat's ass about the show. I keep a fair amount of right-wing neo-con friends on FB just to keep me honest. They're thoughtful and well-informed (usually), they're a helluva moral compass and you'd be correct in assuming they're all over some sort of 'Save Phil' campaign.

I guess Phil's got his right to express his opinion when it's a one-on-one interview. The interviewer asked him questions, Phil answered honestly. More than I can say for most of the other celebrities in an interview. I will assure you that IT IS NOT an issue of free speech or 1st Amendment rights. A&E has every right to put this guy on 'hiatus'. It's their network, he works for A&E, he's on A&E's show ABOUT them and they can cut whoever they want out of any show they run (They did it on Storage Wars). Not the other way around as The Robertson Clan would have you believe.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if I said something in the St. Cloud Times like Phil said, you'd have a new afternoon guy on The LOON.

As I mentioned, I was on the fence about this guy. His opinion, while not in line with my own, was expressed in his own simple way, from a man who you may have been lead to believe is a gentle, innocent backwoods nice guy, who only has love in his heart for everyone.

However, (yep here it comes) a video has surfaced that in my opinion exposes Phil Robertson as a wicked, pissy, hate-filled jackass. After watching this, all I can say is:

"Sorry, Jeff. But this guy is an ignorant simpleton not worthy of a national forum."