This is cool.

I've had the honor of meeting both these gentlemen: Rob backstage in Mankato, and The Coop at Moondance Jam in Walker.

Rob Zombie has made no secret that Alice Cooper was a huge, huge influence on him. And when you meet them, it's amazing how much they're alike: crazy, over the top wild onstage, yet rather quiet and reserved off.

They both do the makeup and horror theatrics, have dabbled in movies (Alice's turn in the first "Wayne's World" - "It's pronounced Mil - leh - wah - kay" was genius) and have toured and shared the stage together numerous times.

Alice - most deservedly - goes into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on March 14th. Rob will be inducting him and I cannot wait to hear his speech. It'll without doubt be funny, outrageous, intense and most of all, truly heartfelt.

Cooper, who will perform at the event with the original Alice Cooper Band, will join Tom Waits, Leon Russell, Neil Diamond, Dr. John and Darlene Love as the newest inductees into the Hall.