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My man Alice is scheduled to release the sequel to his legendary 1975 disc Welcome to My Nightmare  on September 13th.

The Coop re-team with producer Bob Ezrin for Welcome 2 My Nightmare. The album will not only feature original Alice Cooper band members Denis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith but guest appearances from pop star Ke$ha and Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter.

"That's my rebellion. I like people that don't belong and yet what they're doing works perfectly" Alice says, explaining his guest choices. "I don't care where it comes from, as long as it's right. . . I think a lot of my audience is going to go 'KE$HA!?,' but she probably wrote the most wicked lyrics in the song -- we had to rein her in. I like people to know that just because artists are put in a pigeon hole, that doesn't mean that's what they are. Give people a little room."

First, Alice will hit road: we'll see him in Sturgis August 6th and in Mooreh