The never-ending lists of U.S. states ranked continues. This time: smartness!

I smart!   (Getty Images)

The Washington Post ranked U.S. states from dumbest to not-dumbest, using a combination of IQ, SAT, and ACT scores plus the number of college graduates. They did so in response to Donald Trump asking, "How stupid are the people of Iowa?"

Charming as f#ck   (Getty Images)

The dumbest state is (thankfully) not the northernmost state in the union (that's Minnesota), but the second westernmost.


What's so dumb about living on a volcano that wants to murder you? Aloha!   (Getty Images)

They have beautiful weather, good-looking locals, and awesome parties. Unfortunately, Hawaii (according to the Washington Post whomyoucannottrust) is also not smart.

So who's #1? M...assachusetts.

Smart enough to chill!   (Getty Images)

Minnesota finished 2nd. Not bad! Now if only people could drive like we're the 2nd-smartest state in the Union.

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