AMC has announced that "The Walking Dead" has been picked up for a third season.  That isn't all that surprising, since the first two episodes of the second season have attracted massive amounts of viewers (for cable anyway).

This prompted the heads of AMC to green light a third season. But we'll be waiting quite a long time for it, because AMC has mysteriously decided to split the second season in half.  The show goes on hiatus for two months after the November 27th episode . . .  and like the main character's putrefied nemesis, returns, on February 12th.

The premiere two weeks ago pulled 7.3 million viewers and 6.7 million were infected this past Sunday.  That means WD is now the top rated cable show.

By comparison, "Jersey Shore" pulled in about 6.5 million viewers for those two weeks. The correlation here is that last Sunday, 6.7 million slightly abnormal people were watching zombies... and 6.5 million zombies were watching VERY abnormal people.