If you've been chilled to the bone by the cold calculating and infinity mad portrayal of Patrick Bateman by Christian Bale in 2000's thriller American Psycho, you're not alone. It truly is a spine-tingling edge-of-your-seat jolt to the normalness of life.

With that said, this re-enactment of the grisly scene where Bateman calmly exudes the virtues of Huey Lewis and The News' song Hip To Be Square, just before he wacks Paul Allen, is so incredibly.... well... WEIRD... that you just can't stop watching it. Huey absolutely nails the Bale performance and having Weird Al as his victim is just crazy-icing on the mental-case cake.

By the way, you can see Huey Lewis rock his other axe along with The News this summer, as they'll be at Grand Casino Mille Lacs on June 6th.

This is pretty much one of those time/space-continuum alternate-universe convergences that Mr. Spock warned us about, so hopefully the internets won't implode while you're watching.

For reference, here's the original scene

And here's the Funny or Die parody