'Coopers'town' is a restaurant owned by Alice Cooper, the motto: 'Where Jocks and Rock Meet', anyone hungry?

There's a webcam over the bar so mind your P's and Q's while there.

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You can even stop by his MySpace page and leave a comment, at one point he was given the key to the city Alice, North Dakota, the population a mere 56.

Every now and again The city of Los Angeles will replace the letters on the Hollywood sign, auction them off which helps fund that project but anyway the last go around Alice bought the 'O'.

Alice has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He has also starred in what is said to be two of the funniest commercials ever made for TV. One of which was for Staples, where Alice is shopping with a little girl who whines saying, "but you said Schools' out forever", he said "No, I said School's out for summer" then he added, "Nice try though."

Like the song goes, "We got no" class, principals and innocence. "we can't even think of a word that rhymes."

The other is at a Marriott, dressed as Alice does and he stops this guy from mowing his yard and asks him when the last time he had a real family vacation, the primise is stressing how important family time is and he says to the guy,"You don't want your kids to grow up to be weirdos, do you?" It ends with Alice jumping rope with his thigh-high heeled boots while a couple of kids swing the rope. While jumping Alice is rhyming, "My name is Alice, I live in a palace..."

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Alice Cooper, "School's Out" from 1972: