Every wanted to order a microbrew but was afraid to because you might not like it?In a bar or restaurant you can usually get a sample to find that out but if you're shopping in the liquor store, you can now use your smartphone to help pave the way to your tastebuds.

The new app is titled the RateBeer App and provided you have am android phone you can download that app and get information by searching beers that will provide extensive details, as well as; user ratings.

The Ratebeer App will also tell you where you can find the beer and what beers are available at certain places.it can tell you the Top 50 beers, forums, places and even the worst beers.

My kind of app, I love trying new and different beers, after all there so many to choose from anymore. i knew my phone would be good for something.

Thee attached video can break down the app some more for you.