We all have annoying habits, I'm sure you can testify to that, however; this time around we're going after the men. 

Thought I'd lay down at least ten things that came to mind, see if you agree of maybe disagree:

  • Leaving empty containers about, maybe one sheet of toilet paper on roll,swallow of milk left in container. I'm guilty of that.
  • Brushing teeth and splashing the mirror
  • The use of many drinking glasses versus one
  • Pee on the toilet seat
  • Dirty laundry on the floor
  • Won't do housework
  • Burp and Fart indiscriminately
  • Rapid channel surfing
  • Take that martyr complex when sick and run with it

When you think about it, some of these things may change but the 'rapid channel surfing' will never change.