Last month, Jimi Hendrix's old sound guy leaked a track from Jimi's forthcoming album, and less than two weeks before the record drops, another new song has hit the web.

Jimi Hendrix has a new album called People Hell and Angels coming out soon, and pieces of the album were leaked on the web. Then, in early January, his old sound guy, Eddie Kramer leaked a full song called Somewhere. It's classic Hendrix and sounds amazing. Now, Eddie is giving us another peek into what another song on the record sounds like.

The song he leaked this time is called Earth Blues. Different versions have been leaked before, but this one sounds like pretty much the final cut. The songs for the new album were recorded between 1968 and his death in 1970. The tracks were originally slated for Jimi's follow up to Electric Lady Land, so the sound is right in that wheel house.

People Hell and Angels features the likes of Stephen Stills and Buddy Miles. It will be available for digital download on March 5. The physical album will be released April 1.