Since I reformed and don't pull pranks any longer (click here to read why), I figured I can pass along some ideas that YOU can get in trouble for! Prank #1 takes a little effort and some trusting friends or co-workers.

Head to the store and purchase a caramel kit used to make caramel covered apples and some popsicle sticks if they aren't included in the kit.

Buy 6 or 7 onions about the size of an apple. Just peel the onions, poke in the sticks, and wrap them up making sure to cover all the surfaces of the onions. I'd suggest putting only 3 on your "serving tray" so you can replace the "chosen one" each time. And it wouldn't hurt to keep them in the fridge either. I also suggest getting your friends or co-workers individually, as you'll want to repeat this prank 3 or 4 times before the word gets out. And if you're a true friend, you'll carry around a pack of breath mints for those you dupe! Good luck.