April Wine, YouTube

'April Wine' comes out of Canada and got their name basically because all the band members apparently thought the two words sounded good together.

Two of the original members were the brothers Henman, Ritchie (guitar) and David (drums) and then let's bring another family member in the picture so cousin Jim Henman (bass) joined the group. Okay guys we got a start but we need a singer so they recruited Myles Goodwyn (vocal/guitar).

Jim would leave the band in 1971 and would be replaced with another Jim (Clench).


In 1981 the album,"Nature of the Beast" was released and became popular like overnight and produced the hits, "Just Between You and Me" and "Sign of the Gypsy Queen". The album would reach Multi-Platinum status in Canada and the first of their albums to reach Platinum on the International Market.

What I find interesting is that they have been nominated eleven times for the Juno Award in their home country and never won.

The album line-up:

"All Over Town" 3

"Tellin' Me Lies"

"Sign of the Gypsy Queen"

"Just Between You and Me"

"Wanna Rock"

6. "Caught in the Crossfire"

"Future Tense"

"Big City Girls"

"Crash and Burn"

"Bad Boys"

"One More Time"