After month's of waiting, tonight's the night. The 2013-14 NFL season kicks off tonight with a rematch of last years's AFC championship game between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore won the Superbowl, but the game's in Denver. Are you ready?

Wow, I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming season. As a Minnesotan, for me it's Vikings first, and NFL second (ok, maybe fantasy second, NFL third), but either way I am ready to go (in the role of beer drinking, junk-food-eating, fan).

According to here are the current odds (on day #1) of your team winning winning the Superbowl):

Denver Broncos 6/1
San Francisco 49ers 6/1
Seattle Seahawks 17/2
New England Patriots 10/1
Atlanta Falcons 12/1
Green Bay Packers 12/1
Houston Texans 18/1
New Orleans Saints 18/1
New York Giants 22/1
Chicago Bears 25/1
Cincinnati Bengals 25/1
Dallas Cowboys 25/1
Baltimore Ravens 28/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 28/1
Washington Redskins 33/1
Detroit Lions 40/1
Indianapolis Colts 40/1
Miami Dolphins 40/1
Minnesota Vikings 40/1
St. Louis Rams 40/1
Kansas City Chiefs 50/1
Philadelphia Eagles 50/1
San Diego Chargers 50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1
Carolina Panthers 66/1
Arizona Cardinals 125/1
New York Jets 125/1
Buffalo Bills 150/1
Cleveland Browns 150/1
Tennessee Titans 150/1
Oakland Raiders 250/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 300/1

40/1, so you're saying there's a chance?