In an effort to gain women's equality awareness, women across the country are urged to go topless on Sunday, National Women Go topless Day, to show their support, or lack of.  Sorry, that joke was just laying there.  Not sure how I feel about this but I thought I should keep you all abreast of this special day.  Also known as " The Ultimate Eye Contact Challenge, this day is foGetty Imagesr all women to exercise the same right to go topless as many men enjoy.  Really, I would have no problem if men were also not allowed to go shirtless and even less of a problem if women were.  So ladies, I guess, you need to show your support so this whole movement doesn't flop (sorry, again).  So set them free this Sunday and rack (ha) up a victory for women's rights.  And guys, please don't stare, that's what phone cameras are for.