The notoriously tardy Guns n' Roses lead singer has successfully completed jury duty. So, what did he have to say about being on the other side of the jury box? 

A representative for Axl Rose told People Magazine that he served on a jury for a civil trial in Santa Monica and called doing his civic duty, "relatively painless" and was "fortunate that everyone in the courthouse and jurors were really great" and that "I got to see daylight from a different prospect."

Axl Rose just finished up a tour in December and the next thing on his calendar is the big Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. So, could there be a GNR reunion in the works? Axl isn't so sure how that's going to work. He said in a recent interview that the Hall of Fame induction ceremony means something for his fans and that he doesn't want to wreck it.

His former bandmate, Slash also recently called an end to their supposed feud. Slash says in an interview with Esquire Magazine that “The split between Axl and I was a quiet one. But because there was so much attention on the break up and are we going to get back together. It got built up into this monster that led to a kind of animosity that wasn’t the focus for me. Neither one of us wants to be down each others’ throats for no reason. At this point, I’m just trying to put it to rest.”

Fingers crossed. I guess we'll learn April 14 what's going to happen.