We went in for the ultrasound yesterday that finally showed the sex of our new, soon-to-be terror, but never looked at the lil one's junk.  Since having a reveal party is the new "cool thing to do" we find out on Saturday.  The Anticipation is KILLING ME!

I honestly don't know how people can go the full term of the pregnancy and not find out what the sex is.  I don't like surprises at all and I sure as hell don't like not planning for something.  Without knowing the sex how the hell can you buy clothes, paint the room, or anything else?

Luckily my wife also wants to know the sex of baby #2, so we will find out at this reveal party on Saturday.  When we went in for this ultrasound the tech said close your eyes as we was looking at the lil one's junk.  That took an act of God to keep me from looking.