I've got a couple of tattoos, and I have been thinking about getting another; something more significant than the first two. Miss Kansas was looking pretty good with her tattoos last night. Here are some suggestions on when NOT to get a tattoo. Hey, I'm looking out for you.

According to uncoached.com, here are some of the worst times to get a tattoo:

  1. At a Sketchy Tattoo Shop – The potential for disaster is huge. You’re looking at either getting an infection or having a word misspelled. Or both.
  2. During a Relationship – Tattoos are forever. Unfortunately, love is always a sure thing.
  3. In College – When you’re college-aged, your brain hasn’t fully formed yet. Give it a few years to fully develop before making important decisions like this one. (Just ask my brother.)
  4. On Vacation – When you’re on vacation, you’re not thinking straight and will most certainly regret anything you do with ink.
  5. Drunk – The no-brainer. You want to be totally sober and totally on your game going in. They key word here is 'forever.'

What’s your biggest tattoo regret? Or do you regret not getting a tattoo? Where's the best place in St. Cloud to get some ink?