To be the Grill master can be serious business. Actually one doesn't need Labor Day to have rules of the grill, anytime will works for these!

Some basic rules for you to live by or in this case to eat and drink by:

  • Be drama free, this is the fun time, no whining or having battles.
  • Load up with beer, I mean hell what would grilling be without the brew. Go ahead if you must and enjoy the wine or other cocktail but beer is where it's at when grilling.
  • It's a meat only menu, oh yea, chicken, ribs, burgers, hotdogs,steaks, kabobs, whatever your choice, no complaining to the grill-master.
  • You've heard of backseat drivers, well believe it or not there are backseat grillers, "Hey if I was you I would grill this way"..."Hey back off Mister!!!" Keep your advise at bay.
  • Crank it up, the tunes that is, get those big speakers out and blast away, Grilling is synonymous with party. Let the music play!

Now let's get that party started, how many people, how much beer, how much meat to buy!

"Oh yea, what time should I be there?"