It's one thing to be a fan of The Beatles, or any music group or celebrity for that matter, but it is completely another to be so obsessed that you get multiple tattoos depicting your love of the star. 

Phil Blanchard is from Flixton, England and recently attended one of Paul McCartney's European shows. Phil being the super fan he is, had tickets that put him right in front of the stage. Ok, so far so good here, Phil sounds pretty normal right? Keep reading.

So it's not unusual for Paul to invite fans on stage during his show, he brings them up, signs their arm with a Sharpie, and sends them back down. It must have been Phil's lucky day because he was one of the few fans that got the autograph on stage from Mr. McCartney, which I would still consider normal fan behavior.

Here is where it gets weird - The next thing Phil did was head to the nearest tattoo parlor to have the autograph permanently inked on his skin. And worse, this wasn't the first Beatles related tattoo for Phil, it was actually his 12th. Yes, I'm serious. The other 11 even include images of all four Beatles members: Paul, John, Ringo, and George...Creepy right? So why not top off the story with an extra dose of weird - Phil has see Paul in concert 40 times and named his son after the star. I think I can sum up Phil's personality in one word - Crazy!