Greg Kihn apparently fancies himself a writer and says that the Beatles influenced his latest novel, which he calls, "a thriller".

The latest book from Greg Kihn (There are four others - who knew?) was inspired by the Beatles' album Rubber Soul.

Greg says he got the idea for the book following a series of interviews he did with the surviving Beatles and John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, George Harrison's first wife, Patti Boyd and Pete Best, the Beatles' original drummer.

The central character of the book, Dust Bin Bobby Dingle first meets the Beatles in a Liverpool flea market. He then becomes an insider with the band and follows their success from small clubs around Liverpool to the international stage. Dust Bin Bob apparently becomes a hero when he thwarts an assassination attempt by Ferdinand Marcos loyalists.

It's billed as a work of fiction and sounds like a bunch of gobbledeeguk if you ask me, but Greg's publisher insists that Greg stuck to the facts and claims that it's so historically accurate, that such a plan could have happened.

If you're interested, Rubber Soul the book goes on sale September 3.