The new film will show the life and times of the Beatles secretary from their early days right up to their breakup in the 1970’s. So, why now?

Beatles secretary Freda Kelly says she did it for her grandson because she wanted him “to know what his Granny did in her youth” and she also wants him to be proud of her. She was just 17 when she accepted the job and the film will show her experiences from back in the day when the lads were playing for just a few warm bodies, right on up through them ruling the world and their breakup.

So, what did Freda do for all of these years after the Beatles split? She quit the music business and started a family. She kept quiet for all this time, but is now breaking her silence more than 40 years after they called it quits.

The film will be called Good Ol' Freda and is set to be screened at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March in Austin, Texas.