I roamed the streets of St Cloud in a half drunken daze in search of the best Halloween stores. This is a list of the top five stores I can remember. For the record I had a designated driver.

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    Located off of Division Street next to the former Circuit City and across from Burger King and White Castle. I would suggest getting a crave case of burgers at White Castle before you shop for Halloween costumes at Savers, because there is a lot to look at and it will take you some time. They have a great selection of costumes for bot genders and all ages. From masks to full costumes they have it all. I noticed a big foot costume that I think I may buy just to wear to family gatherings. I think sitting at the table at Thanksgiving in a Bigfoot costume would RULE! Savers has a ton of latex applications for those who really want to look gruesome on Halloween. One of the other big benefits of Savers is it's also a thrift store. So you can buy that Wonder Woman costume for Halloween and then shop for used undies or a 20 year old tennis racket,either way its a win win situation. You may want to bleach the undies though,I was looking and some have a few skid marks. Big deal though, with what you save on used underwear you can spend on fake blood and a witch wig. Savers also has a membership card you can sign up for to save even more money. Then you can buy more underwear.

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    Halloween SuperStore

    Located inside Crossroads Mall across from Target. I noticed this place on my way out of the mall and almost missed it. When I was making this list they were still getting things up and running. I assume this is one of those stores that pops up for a short period then disappears into the night after Halloween. Kinda like circus freaks really. They did say they would be open as of Sept 2nd, and for that I say HELL YEAH! They have a HUGE selection of all things Halloween. To me this is the ultimate Halloween superstore, hence the name. The only reason I put this at the number two spot is because they are circus freaks that just take our local money and split. For that reason they are not number one. And because I hate circus clowns. They creep me out.

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    Invincible Costume

    Located in downtown St. Cloud across from Mexican Village. Which on a side note has a great margarita. I guess any margarita is good at 2pm on a work day. What, I can't drink while taking pictures of Halloween stores? That is a trick question because the answer is always YES I CAN. Anyway, getting back to the costumes, this place is AWESOME! If you want a real Darth Vader costume this is the place to go. You want a real Yogi Bear costume you go here. They have every kind of costume you can imagine and the nice part is you can rent them. However, I didn't notice too much Halloween stuff when I was there. Then again it was the first day of September when I did this tour and Halloween isn't really in the air yet. This is still one of the best places in St Cloud to get cool costumes, Halloween or otherwise.

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    Located inside Crossroads Mall by Sears. Again, if you don't get a good costume you can always buy tools or a dishwasher at Sears. I like tools so I made this my number four pick. Ragstock is great because you can find used costumes as well as new. A great place if you are on a budget. I talked with a very nice employee who told me that they have a lot of kids costumes as well as adult one's too. She also said this is a great place if you are dressing up like a doctor or nurse, since they carry a lot of scrubs. Don't dress up like that though, that is very played out. Just my opinion. I guess if you were to tweak the scrubs a bit and make a naughty doctor or nurse I would give you two thumbs up! I'm a dude so what do you expect?

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    Located inside Crossroads Mall next to Hollister. The good news is if you don't find a good costume you can always watch hot chicks come in and out of Hollister, that is a guarantee. Spensers has a fair amount of costumes but nothing too elaborate. Of course if you want a wacky t-shirt that says something about the size of your "tool", then this is also the place to go. That is for another time though.