Whether it’s the Big Game, college ball, hockey or hoops — where you watch the game DOES make a difference. Here’s my list of the best places in the St. Cloud area to watch sports on TV — and maybe have an adult beverage or three.

  • 1

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    3701 West Division Street, St. Cloud

    BWW has built a successful sports viewing reputation in most communities and St. Cloud is no exception to that. At least 2 to 3 flat screen TVs are viewable regardless of whether you’re sitting in the bar or the dining area. The T.V. views plus the combination of great wings and beer makes this for best sports viewing atmosphere and experience in St. Cloud. Has the NFL ticket, and is great for watching the NCAA tournament.

    Buffalo Wild Wings (Jay Caldwell)
  • 2

    Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill

    1101 Division Street, Waite Park

    The Ultie may have the most television per square footage and you are the closest to each of these T.V.s because they are mounted not as high up as most bars/restaurants. Patrons also have the option to listen to their favorite sporting event as they are watching it. Appetizers and beer are very affordable but atmosphere could use some improving. Has the NFL ticket, all the college basketball games and often offers pay-per-views for boxing, MMA and college hockey.

    The Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill (Jay Caldwell)
  • 3

    Blueline Sports Bar

    1101 2nd St S, Sartell

    The Blueline has built a great reputation for its food but also has a large amount of flat screen TVs to give patrons adequate viewing options. The televisions are a distance away and there are only a few viewable TVs depending on where you are sitting.

    The Blueline Sports Bar & Grill (Bob Hughes)
  • 4

    Boulder Tap House Sports Bar and Grill

    3950 2nd St S, St. Cloud

    Boulder Tap House is brand new and is located in the old Timberlodge building. Clearly Boulder Tap House is making a strong push to become the place to watch sports in St. Cloud. They have a ton of flat screen T.V.’s but lack a reputation as a place to watch sports. The variety of beers will help their brand improve on that. A big concern has to be access to the restaurant.

    Boulder Tap House (Jay Caldwell)
  • 5

    H.R. Pesty’s Saloon and Eatery

    258 4th Ave N, Waite Park

    Pesty’s is making a stronger push to become an elite sports bar. The size of the bar, (shortage by comparison) of flat screen televisions works against them. Pesty’s has affordable food and beer and gives patrons a comfortable environment.

    H.R. Pesty’s (Abby Faulkner)