Jessie Colin 'Young', Jerry Corbitt, Lowell Levinger and Joe Bauer.  Pretty much an American folk rock band that had received a lot of critical acclaim but widespread popularity all at the same time.

This was written by Dino Valenti back in 1963 a member of  Quicksilver Messenger Service. He signed away rights to the song when imprisoned for marijuana possession. The Youngbloods recorded it and gave the composer credit to Chet Powers, Valenti's real name.

In 1967, when "Get Together", a song of triumph to the universal brotherhood, reached only No. 62 on the chart.

Two years later Dan Ingram had recorded a brotherhood promotion for WABC in which the song was a music bed for the promotion, and after the National Council of Christians and Jews subsequently used the song as their theme song on TV and radio commercials – the track was re-released and hit the Top 5.

It sold over one million copies, and received a gold record award (7 October 1969).

The video is cool it will take you back to Woodstock, "Let's Get Together"