The ZZ Top guitarist has a new venture on the horizon. He has been named the Texas Musician of the Year for 2012 and he's now getting sauced. 

Following in the foot steps of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry in the sauce business, Billy Gibbons is announcing that he too has a new sauce on the market.

Billy is from Texas, so it's barbecue sauce of course. It's called BFG #44 and comes in two varieties: Sauce Piquant which he described as a, "fire inducing flavor" with a blend of different peppers. The other sauce is just called BBQ Sauce that Billy says is, ""sweet, tangy, spicy, and smokey."

There are only limited quantities of each sauce available through his official website. Sauce Piquant retails for $7.95. The BBQ Sauce is $9.95. To get your mitts on them, click HERE.