Billy Idol (William Michael Albert Broad) knew he had the potential to make some noise in the music industry while at a very young age.

Billy got his stage name from the inspiration of a teacher believe it or not and he described young William as, "idle".

Although the band, 'Generation X' was a stepping stone for Billy the solo career was the goal to really make it big. Along with friend Steve Stevens (Guitar) the early days of MTV helped pave the way.

Billy had been with a few bands prior to 'Generation X' that included, 'Siouxie and The Banshees' and 'Chelsea'.

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One of the songs that helped kick off his solo career was from the album(EP)  Don't Stop, was,"Dancing With Myself" which interestingly enough was a 'Generation X' song and on their album, 'Kiss Me Deadly'.

That mostly went down in 1981 the rest is history. Two great  shows to get the inside scoop to not only his life but also his songs were VH1 "Storytellers" and VH1 Behind the Music".

In 1984 The First MTV Music Video Awards his 'Dancing With Myself" was nominated for 'Best Direction', 'Best Art Direction' and 'Best Special Effects'.

Regardless what you may think the song is truly about dancing with yourself and Billy got the idea from watching the Asian kids dancing with themselves in nightclubs.

Billy Idol and Steve Stevens still tour together to this day.