In the latest inside peek at the studio sessions, Geezer, Ozzy and Tony join producer Rick Rubin to reveal the creative arcs that took place while putting together their highly-anticipated release: 13.

Ozzy seems to sum it up the best, he says;

"... I didn't want it to be a follow-up to 'Never Say Die' (his last album with Sabbath). I wanted it to be current, yet still Black Sabbath, in other words, if we would've stayed together, what would we have put out now?"

It's interesting to watch and hear Rubin's voice in this video, as his soft spoken demeanor really belies his 'homeless-guy' look. You'd expect him to sound like a stark raving lunatic, quoting bible verses on the corner by The Press. Rubin prophesies at the end of the video;

"It's a record that the bands who have come in their wake can't really make. What Black Sabbath does is a lost art."

13 will be available in June and you can pre-order it right now on iTunes.