It's been in the works for over a year and they've been able to keep it under wraps until now. There is a new Black Sabbath album in the works. Here's what you can expect.

Black Sabbath has confirmed that they are going to be releasing an album coming up in spring of 2013 and it will feature Ozzy, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler but it sounds like Bill Ward is going to sit this one out.

Black Sabbath is laying down the drum and guitar tracks and that Ozzy and Geezer Butler are writing the songs and Ozzy is reportedly working with musical genius Rick Rubin and recording the vocals. The group will record 15 songs total; with 12 on the record and three to be released as bonus tracks on future “special editions” of the record. This will be the first album of new material featuring Ozzy since Never Say Die in 1978.

The album dropping will coincide with the launch of their Australian tour in late April.