Considered rock's 'Supergroup' back in 1969, Blind Faith was simply an experiment.

Steve Winwood/Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

Blind Faith was considered an English blues band with members Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood and Rick Grech.

In 1968 both Eric and Steve were engaged in many jam sessions and at the time Clapton was with Cream and Winwood with Traffic. It was the jam sessions that became the catalyst to form a group of their own.

Clapton leaving Cream was the end of that band so there's your drummer Ginger Baker with nothing better to do than hook up with Winwood and Clapton now we need a bass player, that's where Rick Grech comes in. Grech loved the idea of joining up with the guys in fact he left his previous band 'Family' in the middle of their tour to get on board.

Their music:

A good blend of Traffic and Cream mixture is a good way to define Blind Faith which is probably what you'd expect.

One studio album came from the band , self titled in 1969. supergroup means super success as it was commercially and on the charts. Featured only six tracks. A reissue in 2001 an additional nine were added with a lot of jamming between both Clapton and Winwood.

One album two different covers as in the U.K. the cover displayed a young topless girl by the time it reached the U.S. it displayed the band. Controversy at its finest.

Prior to the album release Blind Faith performed in Hyde Park (London) for free. Only one album didn't supply a lot music, so the crowd heard a good share of Cream and Traffic songs. The show was filmed for a documentary that came out in 2006 on DVD. The film looks more like a rehearsal of the band than a show but I or don't think any really cares. Just to see the group would have been classic.

Blind Faith, 'Sea of Joy":

The band wouldn't last however, a weeks after the tour ended the band members went their own way.

Winwood and Clapton have performed together several times since then, in fact; as to not start rumors of a reunion they simply bill the show as 'Winwood and Clapton'. Yes the music of Blind Faith lives on through them.