Where's the parents while the toddler is playing in the window (?), The Morning Sideshow wants to know.

The Konrad and Jennifer Lightner were in the process of moving out of their apartment and as they carried stuff outside to load up the truck they witnessed toys flying out the window.

Their three year old toddler was heaving his toys out his window and was way too close to the window seal. The parents said they tried to coax him to move away from the window but a little too late.

Parents outside the apartment was definitely a good thing as they placed a boxspring outside the boys window prior to him falling out. The kid fell out and landed in his dad's arms with one quick motion lowering him to the boxspring. whew!

The parents took him to the hospital to have him checked out and fortunately he's fine.

Maybe the parents need to check themselves into a hospital, psyche ward. Just saying!