Bon Jovi is playing a free show next month in Spain. Sounds good right? Well, this is one of those things that really does sound too good to be true. 

Bon Jovi has announced that they're giving a free show for their fans in Spain, but it's not free for the fans. It's free for the band, as in they're not getting paid for the gig. Fans still have to buy tickets.

The tickets for the show still cost $50, but apparently that's half of what they normally cost, so fans are pretty excited. The band says that they're keeping ticket prices low so their cash strapped fans can still come and see them in concert because Spain is going through a tough time right now, economically speaking, so the band thinks fans should still be able to afford to have fun and go to concerts. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION ROLLING STONES?!

The show is already sold out, but fans in the United States may still have a chance to see the group as Bon Jovi just announced more summer and fall U.S. tour dates. None in Minnesota, though. The closest they'll come this time around is Soldier Field in Chicago July 12.