Richie Sambora is getting his frustrations about his ongoing feud with Jon Bon Jovi the only way he knows - through song. 

Richie Sambora has released a new song and many believe it has to deal with the ongoing feud between he and Jon Bon Jovi.

The song is called Come Back As Me and the Hollywood Reporter is hinting at the idea that Richie wrote it to get through to Jon.

The lyrics go:

"What do you want me to say / I gave you everything I could give / But everything just wasn't enough / So I just let live and let live."

The song made its debut on YouTube just one day after his former band Bon Jovi played MetLife Stadium in their native New Jersey. Richie introduced it on Twitter saying that the song was, "pretty timely".

Jon has all but ignored Richie since April when Richie left the tour. Jon also hasn't commented on what he thinks of the song. Take a listen: