David Bowie and the Rolling Stones are up for NME Awards. What are they nominated for and what are their chances? 

David Bowie just announced that he’s making more new music and the NME Awards have him up for Hero of the Year, Musical Moment of the Year for announcing that he’s making new music, and his new song, Where Are We Now is up for Best Video. I think because it’s David Bowie, he’s kind of a shoo in for the win. Who wouldn’t vote for Bowie. I mean, like, hello? One catch? Bowie is up against the Rolling Stones.

Also up for NME Awards are the Rolling Stones. They’re nominated in the categories of Music Moment for their shows at the O2 in London. They also snagged other nods for Best Live Band, and for their book and DVD chronicling their success.

Mick Jagger says that the nominations are “very nice” and that being included is very meaningful because it’s the fans who are picking the winners. Mick explains that "it's not a journalists-only thing. It's not a coterie of closely-knit people choosing". The Rolling Stones go back a ways with the NME Awards and were recently discussing one awards ceremony where the debuted their new single Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The NME Awards Ceremony will be held in London on February 27.